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You have dropped the most obvious hints and messages, stuck on the beautiful diamond solitaire ring and a magnificent tennis bracelet you see, sending subliminal messages, but nothing works.

Maybe now it's time to be a little more diect. Now at Corbo Jewelers you can send an exclusive e-hint to a friend...

1. Shop for jewelry items in our online product categories.

2. Pick out your favorite piece of jewelry.

3. Add it to the shopping cart.

4. Click on the Email to Friend link to send the e-hint to a friend.

Corbo Wish Card

Need to help your significant other find the gift of your dreams? Fill out a Corbo 'Wish Card' at any of our locations. Leave it on their pillow, by the TV remote or next to their favorite dessert. It's a fun, creative way to drop a helpful hint to the love in your life.