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Generations of Family Jewelers Sharing Your Love Stories

The First Generation

In 1898 Alfonso Corbo took a leap of faith and brought his wife and eight children from Naples, Italy to New Jersey, USA. A watchmaker by trade, Alfonso expanded his offerings by bringing his wares and services to his customers, door to door. And so began the Corbo family tradition of selling fine jewelry and services -- Corbo Jewelers in America -- a tradition that has been maintained through five generations!

The Second Generation

Six of Alphonso’s eight children continued the family tradition. In around 1918, Alphonso’s sons Mike, Dick and Nick followed in their father’s footsteps of bringing their wares and services right to the customer, going door-to-door, each in different parts of Bergen, Passaic and Essex counties. Customers became friends, some almost like family. Later, Alphonso’s daughters Julia, Mae and Pep opened the first Corbo Jewelers store, on Warren St. in Newark, New Jersey, moving the store to Bloomfield in 1945.

The Third and Fourth Generations

In 1950, Michael’s son Alan joined Corbo Jewelers and opened the company’s second store in Clifton. Over the years, Corbo Jewelers grew, and so did Alan’s family. His children - Cathy, Stephen, Alan Jr., and Michael - joined the team, and the company opened stores in Toms River, Rockaway, Paramus, and other locations, at one point expanding to twelve brick-and-mortar locations.

The Fifth and Current Generation

Today, Steve, Michael and Cathy continue the Corbo family tradition, with the help of Steve’s daughter, Stacey, the fifth generation of Corbos to carry on the family business. Changing with the times, Corbo Jewelers now offers our customers beautiful jewelery and services both in our physical locations – Rutherford, Clifton, and Chester – as well as online business, where we come full circle and once again provide customers with “door-to-door” service, but now 21st century-style. Come visit us and become part of our Corbo Jewelers family! We strive to make sure that we always have a perfect selection of fine quality jewelry and diamonds for all budgets. Our excellent staff is ready to assist you making the perfect choice for that special occasion or event. Visit us, in person, or online, today!

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